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Business Coaching, Consulting and Training

Align your VISION with your VALUES. Build a PLAN for profitability. Take consistent ACTION. Track and measure your results. Be ADAPTABLE. I'll show you how.
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Join Blissful Biz Women’s Facebook Group

Blissful Biz Women is where mindful women meet at the intersection of business, technology, consciousness and work-life integration. It began as an experiment in the Summer of 2016 --- the idea was to call forth the the spirit of sister-hood in a circle of support and sharing. It soon turned into a sacred space where we as women, come together with our feminine ideals and values and move humanity forward through collaboration, co-creation, and creativity. We are shifting the way the world does business --- bringing more of the feminine divine into our work and life. When one woman rises, we all rise together. When one woman attains her wildest dreams, it inspires the rest of us to dream and achieve our wildest dreams too. When one woman overcomes obstacles to achieve success, it shows us what is possible. Are you ready to create the business and life of your dreams? Let's take this journey together. Join our Facebook Group.

Blissful Biz Women Facebook Group

Blissful Biz Women Retreat + Yoga Coming Soon

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Brenda’s Business Coaching Packages

Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Conscious Creatives, Idea Ignitors, Lioness Leaders; are you ready to open your hearts and minds to your potential? Let's take this journey together.

Power Hour Coaching

This option shrinks to fit. Each client is unique. Each client differs in her "needs" and "wants." Power coaching is the best option for customized support and solutions. Get started today with a FREE 15 minute consultation.

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6 Week Intensive

We meet for 1.5 hours once a week for 6 weeks with a focus on clear goals. This package is best for individuals who can process and digest information quickly and have the resources to implement action plans immediately.

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90 Days To Nirvana

We meet for 1.5 hours twice a month. We will set clear and specific goals to help you get the results you want. We layout action plans to achieve those results. We focus on outcomes. We track and measure your progress and make changes if necessary.

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half-to-1-Day Strategy Session

We meet in person and immerse ourselves for a half to a full day. We explore what's working and what's not working. We take a 360 degree look at your business and give it a tune-up where needed. You leave with action plans that you can reference to help you achieve your desired results.

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2-3 Day Planning Retreat

This package is designed for Business Owners (Team Leaders may attend), or Non-profit Leaders, (Board of Advisors may attend). Together we build a strategic plan to bring everyone on your team to the same page - working together toward shared goals. Step away from your business in a retreat-like setting and drop into envisioning and planning. Where do you want to take your organization next?

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6 or 12 Month Mentorship

We meet twice a month for 1.5 hours. This package is optimal for long-term results and refinement. Learn new concepts and practice new skills. (Learning and implementing new systems and strategies is a must for continued success.) You know that you need to build new habits and refine your mindset to move your business forward and build on your success.

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Starting a new business? Need to flesh out an idea for a new project? This session will help you gain clarity and focus before you spend time, money, and resources on your big idea or startup. We cover all the bases and everything you need to consider BEFORE you take that big step forward.

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This session is designed to help you lay the groundwork for a successful crowdfunding campaign. I will help you navigate the murky waters of asking people for money to fund your next big idea.

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Online Marketing Mastery

What's an opt-in page? How do I build an online sales funnel? How do I get people to take action on my website? How do I use social media to attract more customers? What keywords should I use for my business? Are 5-Star reviews important to my business? Should I start a blog? What's an algorithm? In this session, I will help you take the mystery out of online marketing.

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